Flex Shaft Toolpost

toolpost A Dremel flex shaft holder is used on the Sherline mini-lathe; small griding stones and cutting wheels can be used for cutting small stocks and making small parts.

flex_shaftThis is an old style pencil flex shaft made by Dremel. The handle is 0.5" diameter aluminum.


The flex shaft toolpost is mounted on the lathe cross slide and the Dremel is turning at full speed. The lathe spindle is turning at low speed. The grinding is on the back side of the lathe because the lathe chuck and the flex shaft are turning at the opposite direction. But be careful of this setup will have the sparks are shooting upward.

grinding cuttng

On the left, the flex shaft is mounted with a grinding wheel, which is grinding a round steel stock.
On the right, it is mounted with a cutoff wheel cutting a 1/16" drill rod.

drawing file(PDF format)